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Fattening property in Southern Victoria


Fattening property in Southern Victoria


Fattening property in Southern Victoria


Mixed Farming property in Southern Victoria


Mixed Farming property in Southern Victoria


Mixed Farming property in Southern Victoria


Breeding Property in Northern NSW


Breeding Property in Northern NSW

Angus cattle

Lauderdale Angus cattle grazing on rye grass pastures of our Victorian property

Lauderdale Angus is a family owned and operated business. Our family has a hands on and continuous improvement approach to the management of our cattle and premium beef production.


LA principal Justin Maitland, attended De La Salle College  and university in Sydney graduating from the University of New South Wales with a Master of International Relations. In his younger years helping out on the sheep station his family operated at Julia Creek in North Queensland, Justin developed a passion for Australian farming and livestock. He explains that today we are proud breeders of Aberdeen Angus cattle, operating in Northern NSW and Southern Victoria.


The Lauderdale Angus Advantage


Is something we often refer to when promoting our beef.

Its what gives Lauderdale Angus beef that superior taste and tenderness advantage. That rich bold flavour that lingers on your taste buds that is premium free range grass fed beef.

How is this achieved?

We need to start with the way we farm our beef. We only free range graze our animals. They are raised exclusively on the pasture of our properties and finished on the lush pastures of the Otway Ranges just off the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.  Our hand picked special order grain fed cattle are fed with premium grain grown on our properties.

To achieve best practice and ensure premium quality, no poisons or super phosphate are utilised on our pasture. This provides an obvious advantage and opportunity for a natural flavour to permeate the meat. Moreover it enables the soil microbes and the dung beetles the opportunity to prosper and enrich the soil. These practices allow for a much healthier soil profile and premium tasting eco-friendly beef.

We use rotational grazing so that the cattle are moved to fresh pasture every few days. The dung and urea left behind is spread over the pasture which provides a natural fertilizer.

Our breeding herd is pure black Aberdeen Angus.  A strict breeding standard is applied to be considered this type of animal.  White is only acceptable to a minor degree below underline and behind the navel.

Regarding anything above 85% “black hide” as being Aberdeen Angus can be a problematic approach. Using the breed standard an animal with only 85% black hide cannot be regarded as pure Angus. Not only this, the shape, thickness and structure of the animals must also conform to breed standards.

Animals bred outside of these standards should only be referred to as an Angus cross, particularly on restaurant menus. Discerning customers expect only the highest quality for the extra premium they are paying. Angus beef on a menu should mean authentic premium Angus beef on a plate. Only a true Angus beef premium product is good enough for our end customers who want and expect the best.

High Quality Australin Angus beef