Angus Breeding

Breeding Angus cattle

History of the Breed

Aberdeen Angus Cattle originate from the regions of Aberdeenshire and Angus in Scotland. The Maitland family has a long association with Angus Cattle in Scotland particularly around the Scottish Border region and lands surrounding Thirlstane Castle, the Maitland hereditary home.

In Australia the breed was introduced in the Early 1800’s from these early humble beginnings Aberdeen Angus (AA) or “Black Angus” as they have become known have risen sharply in popularity due to the breeds outstanding characteristics. Black Angus offers a combination of traits that can help save producers time and money.  Angus Cattle are low-maintenance, adaptable, and undemanding, their docile nature provides unmatched convenience. It is a breed that has developed a reputation as “working for the breeder”.

Angus is a polled breed that is solid black in colour, though a small amount of white is permitted on the underline, behind the navel scar. They are moderate-sized, muscular animals, renowned as a carcass breed and mature earlier than other British breeds. However, larger, longer and later maturing animals are becoming more popular.

Angus cows are renowned for their inherent mothering and calf-rearing ability, have superior milking capabilities and udder soundness, along with high fertility and a docile nature. Angus cows are generally regarded as being less likely to suffer Dystocia due to the breed’s low birth weight ability which compliments its vigorous growth from birth to harvest.

The ability of Angus to produce a quality carcass and fulfil producer and consumer preferences, has secured the breed’s position as the unequaled beef quality leader.

Angus is a preferred breed for the Asian high-quality beef market because of its propensity to marble, its white fat and bright-red lean meat. This quality combined with a sublime rich flavour, makes it one of the most sought after beef products in the market today.


 High Quality Australin Angus beef